Secure market data compliance with your vendor and exchange contracts

Need help in becoming compliant with the terms & conditions of agreements of your sources for market data? Need support in managing compliance audits? MDS at Work can help you through our market data compliance services. We support all stages of the audit process. 


Market data contract compliance audits 

Vendors have become more conscious of intellectual property rights and obligations they have to their own suppliers. As a result the number of vendor compliance audits has increased considerably in recent years. 

Any unauthorized use of data found may lead to contract adaptations and even in substantial backbilling

Our program

MDS at Work helps clients with managing compliance audits and in becoming compliant with your market data agreements. Through its modular COMPliance Audit Support Services offering (COMPASS), we provide assistance in managing your market data compliance at any stage:

  • No audit has been announced, but you wish to investigate your market data compliance.
  • An audit has been announced, but not yet carried out.
  • An audit has been carried out and you need support on follow-up actions.

We look forward to discuss your market data compliance audit requirements with you.