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MDS at Work’s FISD level 1 certification training courses are aimed at those who have particular interest or responsibilities for market data in all its forms. Ranging from vendor management to demand management to market data administration. The training offers you the opportunity to gain key understandings of all aspects of the market data industry and improve your market data industry knowledge.

Our training courses are developed in close cooperation with the FISD (SIIA) and enable you to acquire relevant knowledge in a structured and rigorous format.


FISD professional certification level 1

Professional certification from SIIA/FISD will establish your credentials in the increasingly complex and competitive financial information industry. The Financial Information Associate (FIA) certification is the first formal accreditation for market and reference data practitioners and will only be awarded to those who pass this examination.

This Level One Certification is designed for candidates who are relatively new to the industry - typically between 1 and 3 years of experience - and who seek to establish a robust and comprehensive foundation for their career in the financial services industry.


Tailored FISD FIA training – exam preparation

For many years MDS at Work has cooperated closely with the FISD FIA in conceiving, developing and providing the certification training courses. For candidates who are interested in becoming a certified market & reference data specialist, MDS at Work offers tailor-made courses which are designed to prepare for the FISD certification exam (optional).

All our trainers are senior market data specialists with an extensive background and tons of experience in the market data industry. Training can either be provided in-house, in a classroom environment or remote via video conference.

Are you interested in a tailored FISD level 1 certification training based on the latest FIA Syllabus (2021), please contact us for arrangements, price information or additional information.


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