Market data expert assistance - ad hoc requests

Data vendors approaching you with new products & services, credit rating agencies or benchmark index providers introducing a new license model directly impacting usage across your organization, or security exchanges who wish to conduct an audit.

All of these things and more arrive at your desk, and often without a warning. Time or experience to handle some of these complex tasks could be a real challenge. 

How can we help your market data team?

For a number of clients across Europe MDS at Work provide market data expert assistance and we can help your organization with our service too. A service that allows you to directly hand over tasks to the experts from MDS at Work. We can act on your behalf, or in the back supporting you, with market data tasks like:

Vendor and license management

  • Support by contract negotiations, contract reviews, usage rights (compliance).
  • Exchange and vendor audits.

Demand management

  • Analyse and validate the end-user requirements.
  • Conduct market- and desk research on existing and new product & services.

Knowledge exchange between the market data team and our consultants will help to build an understanding of vendors’ pricing models, products & services or growth strategies. Your organization will profit from more than 20 years of experience and market data knowledge by MDS at Work.

Example use cases:

    Advising clients during contract negotiations to bring down the initial vendor proposal.
  • Supporting clients during exchange and vendor audits to limit the liability claims.
  • Replacing market data content by alternative sources bringing down the spend on data feeds.

We look forward to discuss market data expert assistance support with you.