One vendor fits all

For decades market data feed vendors have provided the market data distribution system – or middleware – on top of the feed and consequently also connecting their terminals ensuring a strong position at the client.

Whether it is the data feed, platform components like a contribution module, or the market data terminal. The interdependence make discussions challenging and moving away from existing vendors raises new questions like:

  • Does the alternative feed provides all market and reference data the business requires?
  • Do we keep the required middleware functionalities?

MDS at Work can help answering these and many more questions

Based on our experience with market data platforms and data feeds, MDS at Work has developed a standard approach for evaluating market data platform solutions or the individual components to gain efficiency improvements.

Stage A – Data review: determine the data components of the platform.

Stage B – System review: determine actual middleware requirements, hosted or deployed solutions, permission requirements. 

Stage C – Scenario building: the outcome of the previous 2 stages will serve as the basis for scenario building.

Implementation has an impact on the daily operations. Our approach is based on that we suggest several scenarios together with expected impact and savings potential.

Stage D - Implementation: MDS at Work can take care of this stage in cooperation with (market data) specialists within the bank.

We look forward to discuss your market data platform and data feed requirements with you.