Rebalance your market data terminal landscape

Analysis of many day-to-day terminal users’ workflows has led to the creation of user profiles for a range of functions within a financial firm. These user profiles are updated regularly and serve as benchmark for each terminal rebalancing initiative. The benchmark includes a set data and functionalities best met by terminal solutions available in the market

Our Approach

MDS at Work will apply its tested methodology developing scenarios that will reduce the number of terminals replacing these by alternative, less costly terminals. Our proprietary database contains a range of data needs and functionalities that are important and some times even indispensible for the job in question. We map these requirements against end users and - if opportune - advise alternative terminal solutions.

The approach for market data terminal rebalancing can be broken down in the following phases:

Stage A – Desk research: based on as-is analysis initial cost saving scenarios development.

Stage B – Interviews: verification and calibration of the Stage A scenarios through interviews and subsequently mapping of data and functional terminal requirements to Benchmark User Profiles.

Stage C – Savings scenarios: based on the outcome of Stage A + Stage B, develop medium to high impact cost savings scenarios.

Stage D – Terminal policy: formalize terminal distribution by Benchmark User Profile to control and manage future terminal distribution & spend.