Optimize your market data organization

The overall objective is to setup a sustainable global market data management department and organization across your company. To create an environment that makes it possible to continuously manage and improve the market data usage and expenditure.

Our approach

The market data organization governance scan is based on MDS at Work’s Five pillars of best-in-class market data management. Your companies processes will be mapped against the Five pillar framework to define the As-Is-situation and to advise on areas for improvement.

1.   Delivery & Service Management

The firm’s ability to provide and support end users with the market data services they are entitled to.

2.   Demand Management

The firm’s ability to formulate, challenge and implement (both qualitatively and quantitatively), the business requirements for market data services.

3.   Cost, Risk & Budget Management

The firm’s ability to manage, control, forecast and communicate costs of market data services – both licensed and unlicensed.

4.   Vendor Management

The firm’s ability to acquire and procure market data services at rates and conditions that are optimal for longer term servicing of business requirements.

5.   Strategy Development

The firm’s ability to develop and execute on a vision of the role of market data vendors, their services and solutions and the relation to the firm’s products and services.