Market data management, too important to be neglected

Sourcing the right products & services for your organisation is not an easy task as the market and reference data industry is known for its:

  • Complexity in terms of vendors, products, service agreements, pricing structures and usage rights.
  • Diversity of end user requirements, business models, levels of in- or outsourcing required.
  • A constantly changing business environment, vendors offering and vendor consolidation.
  • Uncertainty about service offerings, lack of information and limited exchange of information between market participants.


At the same time market data sourcing professionals are under constant pressure by client demand, the end-user, characterized by:

  • Ad-hoc requests; not planned, not budgeted.
  • Immediate action due to the nature of the business.
  • New vendors and/or products that are unknown to the current market data organization.
  • Ongoing budget constraints and cost pressure.
  • Cross-departmental interaction: business, legal, procurement, compliance, IT support.

Our support

In this complex playground of internal and external parties, MDS at Work can offer your organization support on an ad-interim basis. We offer qualified interim market data managers who will add instant value to your organization.

Our experienced consultants have worked in all areas of market data management across multiple organizations in Europe.

  • Vendor management
  • Demand management
  • License management
  • Market data governance

We look forward to discuss market data management support with you.