Market Data Cost Optimization

Multiple market data vendors, duplicate functions, demanding users, and interlinked systems create significant challenges for any market data manager. Are market data services also a critical challenge in your day-to-day business? And do you find them complicated to manage and control?

Through optimized administrative, demand, technology and vendor management we help you to identify areas for market data cost reduction.

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Market Data Terminal Rebalancing

Consultants of MDS at Work have been running market data terminal optimization projects continuously over the last years. Total number of terminal users in scope during these projects varied between 500 - 1.000 per institution.

Based on many years of client interactions and individual end-user interviews, we have developed and introduced benchmark user profiles for market data terminal users across financial institutions. Both buy- and sell-side institutions.

We constantly review and keeping up-to-date all relevant vendor propositions and nowadays we have a set of close to 100 unique Benchmark User Profiles.

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Market Data Organization Governance Scan

Staff supporting the market data contract and administrative functions is key. Vendor cost typically goes up 6% every year. Introducing active vendor – and demand – management will limit that cost increase considerably and will lead to sustained savings.

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Market Data Contract Compliance Scan

Contract and agreements come in different shapes, formats and constructions. For an evaluation of a contract, it is important to know all pieces of a contract. Invoices are key to evaluate what is in place and in use.

Creating insight in individual contracts makes services transparent and will help the organization to detect obvious overlap.

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Market Data Vendor Selection

Introducing a new application or replacing an existing application or workflow in your market data landscape has many implications; think of process flows and interfacing to mention a few.

Vendor Selection is about making sure that you work with the best vendors and solutions but also that you have the best possible service agreements, including relevant terms & conditions.

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Interim Market Data Management

Often we see companies struggling with market data vendor management as the ever-changing market data vendor landscape is known for its complexity. What we do know is that if internal demand and vendor actions are not embedded in an agreed vendor management framework, associated costs will go up yearly with a multiple of the current inflation rate.

A part of our service offering is supporting organizations who are in need of short-term staff. All MDS at Work consultants have worked or are working as a vendor manager for financial institutions, both sell side and buy side. 

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Market Data Expert Assistance

Managing market data can be a challenging task. When this is your role you are often seen as the "Go-to person" for all market data related questions. Next to your role as subject matter expert you often have to deal with challenges from internal and external stakeholders. Sometimes the solution is easy and you can solve it on the spot, but in other cases it can be a lengthy and difficult task consuming lots of time.

Here, MDS at Work can help with its Market Data Expert Assistance offering. This service allows you to hand over tasks to the experts from MDS at Work for whatever reason and whatever duration.

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Middleware Solution Selection process

Do you feel locked-in by your market data vendor and platform supplier? If one vendor is delivering your market data feed, the middleware and market data terminal, it can be a challenge to negotiate certain components in the delivery chain.

Read on to see how MDS at Work could assist your organization in such a situation.

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Market Data Compliance Audits

MDS at Work assists clients with managing compliance audits and in becoming compliant with the agreements of market data providers. Through our modular COMPASS - Compliance Audit Support Services offering - we provide assistance in managing your market data compliance at any stage.

We help you to secure market data compliance with your vendor or exchange contracts by supporting the various stages of the audit process.

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